Na Pali Coast

Na'pali Swim & Snorkel (Year Round)

Sunset Dinner Tour (Winter Only)

(Dec. - April)

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Toll Free 1-888-213-7711

• Adventure Snorkel & Sightseeing

"Happy Times" Fishing Charters

• Private & Private Group Charters

• Three Boats, Three Locations

• Whale Watching (Dec. - April)

(808) 338-9999

Aboard the 60 foot Lucky Lady

• NaPali Snorkel Catamaran Cruise 5.5 hr.
• Na Pali Snorkel - Sunset Dinner Cruise
• Na Pali Sightsee Sunset Dinner Cruise
   (no snorkel)

Aboard our rigid hulled inflatable boats

• Nualolo Kai A.M. Beach Land Day Raft Adventure 6 Hr
• Na Pali Snorkel Raft Adventure AM 5 HR.
• Na Pali Snorkel Picnic Raft PM 5 HR.
• Na Pali Sightsee Raft Adventure 4 HR.

Reservations Toll Free: 1-(800) 733-7997

• Niihau & Napali Super Tour

• Napali Snorkel Sail

• Napali Sunset Tour

• Kauai Sunset Sail

• Napali Snorkel Adventure

(808) 335-0815
or Toll Free (800) 848-6130

Kauai Sea Tours Dolphins
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Video courtesy Kauai Sea Tours
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Harbor Office Commercial Pier Restrooms    34 Berths  6 Moorings

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Kauai Sea Tours
Port Allen Harbor is located on the southern coast of Kauai on the east
shore of Hanapepe Bay, home port for Na Pali coast cruises and Island
of Niihau adventures and for some of the finest sportfishing, diving,
snorkeling, sailing and whale watching adventures in Hawaii.
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4353 Waialo Road, 'Ele'ele, HI 96705

Harbor Office: (808) 335-5361

21° 54′ 06″ N, 159° 35′ 22″ W

• Star Class Dinner Sunset Sail

• Star Class Snorkel BBQ Sail

• Capt. Andy's Sailing Na Pali Snorkel

• Capt. Andy's Sailing Na Pali Dinner Sunset

• Capt. Andy's Sailing Poipu Sunset Sail

• Capt. Andy's Rafting Na Pali Day Expedition

• Capt. Andy's Rafting Na Pali Snorkel

(808) 335-6833
or Toll Free 1(800) 535-0830


Port Allen Marina Center
4353 Waialo Road, Suite 2-6B7B,
Ele`ele, HI 96705

(808) 335-5553

Port Allen Marina Center -
4353 Waialo Road, Suite 1A-2A, Ele`ele, HI 96705
Port Allen Marina Center
4353 Waialo Road,
PO Box 51006, Ele`ele, HI 96705
Port Allen Marina Center
4353 Waialo Road, Suite 5A
Ele`ele, HI 96705
Port Allen Marina Center
4353 Waialo Road, Suite 2B
Ele`ele, HI 96705
Dolphins, Spectacular Scenery, Great Food and Service with Aloha!
Port Allen Harbor, Ele'ele, HI 96705

Also available in Hanalei and Kikiaola Harbor
Luxury Super Raft Boat Tours of the Na Pali and Ni`ihau

Departing daily from the calm, leeward waters of Kauai’s South West
side, from Port Allen Boat Harbor, Captain J’s take the adventurous at
heart on sightseeing and snorkel tours along the breath-taking
coastlines of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau on our new, comfortable luxury

Join us on our fast and comfortable super raft (and yes it has a
bathroom!) for an incredible day on the water visiting the most
stunning coastlines and snorkel locations.
Morning NaPali Coast Super Raft Adventure
(808) 335-5309
Afternoon NaPali Coast Super Raft Adventure
Snorkel Niihau- The Forbidden Island
Live Reservations
(808) 651-4502